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Rapid Hosting well is known among our customers for our reliability, stability and quality web hosting solutions for Australian businesses. We bank on our expertise and highly skilled team of professionals to ensure you get the best web hosting solutions!

Environment & Infrastructure

Our Environment & Infrastructure has been specially created using the leading enterprise grade technology. We pride ourselves on the reliability of our web servers, ensuring the best possible uptime, low latency and unparallel level of security to your data. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is suitable for all types of businesses, looking for a highly reliable and secure web hosting environment.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Our servers are monitored 24/7/365, with our emergency response team prepared to handle any exigency. Our dedicated support team is available to give you the best possible service in the industry and offer support in getting started with setting up your site on the server.

Cloud Architecture – No Downtime

At Rapid Hosting, we have a cloud-based platform so that your website does not have to suffer in the event of failure of a web server. The cluster of servers supporting each other eliminates the possibility of downtime.

SSL Certificates – Keep your visitors secure, protect data

No visitor to your site would risk sharing sensitive information if they don’t feel completely safe. But with Rapid Hosting, you are 100% secure and free to choose the SSL Certificates that suit you the best.

SSL Certificates

Rapid Hosting

Committed To Excellence

    We excel in offering no less than the best website hosting packages to help you begin your personal or business online activity with ease. Our state-of-the-art technology and assets and highest quality redundant network give us the confidence to provide you with efficient and dependable hosting services along with peace of mind.

    Rapid Hosting are committed to offering you the best service to contribute to the success of your online projects. Make Rapid Hosting your first choice when it comes to web hosting and save time and hassle. We would be more than happy to be your next website hosting choice.

    Expert Staff That Makes a Difference

    Our dedicated team of certified and seasoned IT experts is highly experienced to capitalize efficiency, performance and speed to create the perfect website hosting support environment to suit your needs. Our team members maintain top performance and submit regular reports and reviews of our inner systems. We introduce new ways to improve customer communication to ensure complete satisfaction with our services and hold regular training sessions to discover ways to improve our performance. We follow a proactive approach and surpass the typical mentality of other web hosting providers in offering multi-level technical support structure for maximum performance.

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    The Best Web Hosting Experience

    Whether you are just launching your first website or are a seasoned professional, you'll appreciate the Rapid Hosting services and the speed we deliver to help your business grow by leaps and bounds! We provide a matchless level of security for your data and are proud to offer the most reliable and secure website hosting environments.

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